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"I not only had old monsters to deal with but on the top I had come out off marriage like from hell. With the help of therapy Karishma has not only helped me to deal with my present but even with my past monster. I find her very caring, considerate, she also go out of the way to help you. I remembered the times I was very down and low and she uplifted me. Thank you Karishma regardless me being a tough patient with your patience and keep on believing in me I have manage to overcome my fears, doubts and hopelessness."



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"Karishma is such a special soul with a deep understanding of the human psyche. She is a great Hypnotherapist and works from a space of compassion and integrity, she is extremely intuitive and has a way of sensing the truth about situations - she is a skilled and gracious teacher."

"I wanted to give feedback on my experience, I don’t normally do this but am very pleased with the result and if this helps someone else with their phobia of the dark then it’s worth it. My phobia started 56 years ago and my hopes of overcoming it seemed low. However, I was so sick of the way it affected my life that five years ago I decided to get help. After trying numerous hypnotherapists and wanting to just give up someone recommended Karishma. I’m so glad that I gave it one more go. Five sessions on, I would say I am 80% better. This is a dream come true as it has not been easy suffering for as long as I have with this phobia. I would strongly recommend her and am grateful for her ongoing support. Thank you very much."


"I was introduced to Karishma through a colleague who had been to her to get guidance. I had been going through huge changes within my personal life and experienced upheavals at the same time work colleagues were giving me a hard time which added to my stress. 

Karishma helped guide me through dealing with the issues i had experienced. Hypnotherapy and the technique of breathing helped immensely. Ihave learned to manage the changes and stresses through dealing with it in a better way."




"After suffering a devastating bereavement, I found it difficult to see a way to move forward. Karishma slowly helped me take small steps using Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy tools and confronting my emotions with meditation. I still have a long way to go but her patience and kindness has really helped me to embrace the techniques and practice getting through each day at my own pace."




"I am Monika and I am 36 years old. I had a very tough last year when I've lost two of my pregnancies that I've been dreaming about for years. After that I felt that I need some professional support and started counselling. I had 10 sessions and it was ok but I was looking for someone who would help me to change my life. After talking to my GP about therapy I was offered sessions with Karishma. From the very first session I felt very comfortable talking to her and expressing my feelings. Karishma taught me how to deal with my emotions and how to enjoy my life again to the fullest. We also had some hypnotherapy sessions which helped me to understand myself and my feelings a lot better. 

Now after around 10 sessions with Karishma I feel like a new person. I have become the Monika I've always wanted to be! 

Karishma is very caring and passionate about her workand she can put anyone at ease. She makes you feel important and remembers personal facts about you which I find really nice. She also gave me her contact details in case of emergency and I know that she genuinly care about me. 

Undertaking Hypnotherapy and learning about CBT with Karishma was the best decision in my life! 
Thank You Karishma for "awakening the giant within". :)"



When I started therapy I did not actually believe that the issues that brought me there could be resolved because I did not really believe in there therapies. But Karishmas help was second to none. I've managed to release some of the issues that have affected me throughout my life. I'd definitely go back to see Karishma if there was anything I wanted to work on in the future. Very grateful for the help. 


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