• Karishma Gill

Streamlining Ourselves For A Better Quality Of Life

When you look at a plane, train, boat or formula one car they are all streamlined and equipped in order to make the journey as easy, comfortable, effective and efficient as possible. Why don't we do the same for ourselves? Life is a journey and not always an easy one. We encounter all sorts of ups and downs, an array of emotions (sadness, anxiety, hopelessness, anger, fear), breakdown in relationships, loss of loved ones. So why don't we take the time out to streamline ourselves to make the journey easier? When we equip ourselves with the tools that are needed to manage our emotions and more importantly understand ourselves at a deeper level it can bring about dramatic changes in our quality of life. It will alleviate discomfort and provide a deep sense of freedom as we will no longer be in the passenger seat, instead we will be in charge and able to shift how we feel with ease. We often forget or choose not to look at the tailored support that is available for each and every one of us.

I would like to share a snap shot of my personal journey. I was low, depressed and very anxious. I would always tell myself that “I am strong and don't need any help”. I felt that as long as I appeared to be strong I was okay and carried on with this belief for many years until inevitably one day it reached a point where I could no longer do it and even when I tried to hold it together I could not go on. One day after many hours of reflection I gathered the courage and decided that I was going to get some help and I did. Taking this first step was the turning point in my life.

My passion for my work stems from my own journey and battle with my emotions. I had to let go of most of my ideas and beliefs and start again which led to the journey of rebuilding myself. It is never too late to change, grow, rebuild and reinvent ourselves - to be able to break the mould and patterns that no longer work in our favour. The only question we need to ask ourselves is do we want to change? Is it important? How important is it? Are we willing to take the first step? When we commit to ourselves and stick with it – change is inevitable.

I am a qualified Hypnotherapist and specialise in Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Low Self Esteem, Assertiveness and Phobias with the main objective being Empowerment. I use an integrative approach including Regression, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness and spiritual teachings. Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool and through it we are able to access our conscious and subconscious mind to bring about life altering changes. During hypnosis we are more open to suggestions, able to access our thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and deeper parts of ourselves where positive changes can be made and healthier beliefs can be instilled. Streamlining ourselves in order to live a better quality of life entails becoming more aware of our thoughts, beliefs, patterns, adapting to situations, embracing new ways, facing our fears, tapping into our true potential and more importantly experiencing life from a powerful place where life is no longer happening to us but where we are in charge - it is the foundation and focus of my work.

Karishma Gill Hypnotherapist (DipCBH, DipHyp)

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