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"Getting to know yourself at a deeper level is the true catalyst for change in your life. Your outside world is a reflection of your world within"

Transformational Therapy

by Karishma Gill

What our clients are saying



Karishma is such a special soul with a deep understanding of the human psyche. She is a great Hypnotherapist and works from a space of compassion and integrity.

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After talking to my GP about therapy I was offered sessions with Karishma. From the very first session I felt very comfortable talking to her and expressing my feeli...

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I not only had old monsters to deal with but on the top I had come out off marriage like from hell. With the help of therapy Karishma has not only helped me to dea...

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I am a qualified hypnotherapist (DipCBH and DipHyp) and use an integrative approach which includes Regression, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness and spiritual teachings. I specialise in anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, low self esteem, assertiveness and empowerment. The therapy is aimed at boosting your confidence and putting your mind at ease enabling you to move forward so that you can reach your potential. 


How we feel and respond to situations in our life are dependent on our thoughts, perceptions, views, experiences and beliefs. As your therapist I will work alongside you to empower and equip you with knowledge, tools and techniques to overcome your blocks and become your own therapist. 

Hypnotherapy allows us to access our conscious and subconscious mind to bring about life altering changes. During hypnosis we are more open to suggestions and able to access our thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and deeper parts of ourselves where positive changes can be made and access a place where deep healing can be brought about. 

About Me

My passion for my work stems from my personal journey. The support I offer is aimed towards supporting you on your journey and helping you to overcome your emotional barriers. I aim to instill healthier beliefs systems and equip you with the tools and techniques to identify your blocks, overcome fears and take actions which are in line with your goals. Through this training my aim is to instill knowledge, power and confidence that will allow you to overcome your hurdles and live a more fulfilled life!


I will work together with you to help you develop the skills to manage your emotions so that you can  transition from living a life of avoidance, anxiety and fear to freedom, love and fulfilment. 

 I have gathered a vast amount of experience not just through my training and client sessions but through my own personal journey. I know what it feels like to be battling with emotions. I had to let go of most of my ideas and beliefs and start again which led to the journey of rebuilding myself. It is never too late to change, grow, rebuild and reinvent ourselves - to be able to break the mould and patterns that no longer work in our favour. The only question we need to ask ourselves is do we want to change? Is it important? How important is it? Are we willing to take the first step? When we commit to ourselves and stick with it – change is inevitable.


How can I help?


Are you frustrated with feeling anxious? Are you feeling emotionally trapped?

I can help you find freedom from your emotions by helping you understand them and work with them to bring about change

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Are you feeling stuck, unable to tap into your power? Are you finding it difficult to move forward?

I can help you find that connection within yourself, a clearer vision of what you would like to achieve and the drive to move forward to achieve it

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Tired of feeling controlled by the onset of your panic attacks? Unable to find a way to reason with them and make it stop?

I can help you overcome this by getting to the root of it

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Lost your confidence and a sense of who you are? Feeling unworthy, stagnant and unable to move forward?
I can help you find that connection and power within yourself to help you move forward 
Yoga Practice


Does your phobia get in the way of the quality of your life? What would it be like to not experience it again?
I can help you conquer your fears so that you are free from it once and for all
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Does your PTSD feel debilitating? What would your life look like if you were free from it? How would you feel?
I can help you process and release your trauma so that you can you no longer feel constrained by it 
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Contact Me

Beaming Mind

324 King St, Hammersmith, London W6 0RR

07903 824871

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